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ONLY $35 per month for 24/7 access 

*Over 7,000 sq ft of space to reach your goals

*Strength circuits, olympic lifting, free weights

*Dogwood CrossFit is now offering classes and Open Gym 

*Old fashioned, Local Neighborhood Gym

Ask us about:

*Personal Training

*Strength and Conditioning Programming

*Student, Couples, and Family Discounts

*Police/Fire/Military/Medic Discounts

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Located at

14125 Statesville Road

Huntersville NC 28078

I-77 exit 23, Turn Right on Hwy 21 South, Behind Hardee's 

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Text us at 704-397-7582

or email us at Olympus365@yahoo.com

Staffed Hours:  Mon - Fri  10am-7pm 

Huntersville Gym
Huntersville Gym
Huntersville Personal Trainer
Olympus Personal Training Huntersville

First of its kind, we have merged the best in today's fitness under one roof!  

What kind of gym is Olympus 365?
We are a gym for
EVERYONE - from beginners to advanced, college students to competitors, olympic lifters, bodybuilders and CrossFitters, we welcome everyone to a friendly, local neighborhood gym.  There is no smoothie bar, no tanning beds, no quiet spaces - just a good old-fashioned gym to workout with your friends and sling some weights around.  Bring your water jugs, take your shirt off, make some noise, and push yourself to the next level at the legendary Olympus 365!
​​Text us at 704-397-7582            Email us at Olympus365@yahoo.com                                14125 Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC  28078                                                                             Member Login
Olympus Gym Huntersville NC
Best of the City 2018 - Best Fitness Center for the Money - Olympus 365, Huntersville NC
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24/7 Fitness Center

14125 Statesville Rd 

Huntersville, nc 28078

Text: 704-397-7582

Staffed Hours:   Mon - Fri 10AM - 7PM