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Meet Our Personal Trainers


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer / Advanced Sports Nutrition / NPC Competitor and Coach
Born and raised in Florida, Matt received his Bachelor's of Science from UCF, coupled with ISSA CPT and Advanced Sports Nutrition.  He has been a Personal Trainer for over six years.  Matt's interest in exercise and wellness first began in his teens where he studied Mixed Martial Arts as well as competing as an NPC National BodyBuilder since 2008.  In more recent years, he has prepared both male and female competitors, Fitness Models, and Advanced Athletes to get to the NEXT LEVEL and reach their physical goals.  He has also helped many people Lose Weight, Recover from Injuries, and overall LIVE BETTER and LIVE LONGER.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Back Injury Prevention Specialist
As a personal trainer, Cindy's goal is to demonstrate that dreams for a healthier life will be realized through better nutrition and through following a personalized fitness plan. Cindy works with a diverse clientele with goals ranging from weight loss to improved balance and flexibility. Her clients seek support for a variety of reasons: Lack of motivation, bad experiences, specific health conditions, or old injuries cause them to require a different type of fitness solution.  Cindy's clients get results with personalized programs that take their individual needs and goals into account.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Exercise Science Student at UNCC and the President of the Charlotte Lifters (UNCC weightlifting club), Lane was involved in competitive Kickboxing for 11 years and studied 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.  Lane is currently training for NPC Competitions and has been playing World of Warcraft for over 10 years.

Background in Sports and Athletics which he likes to bring into his training sessions. Chad also knows how to break down mental barriers to take you further than you ever thought you could.

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