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NASM Certified Personal Trainer / NASM Certified Nutrition Coach /
Movement and Mobility Specialist
Alden is a NASM-CPT with a varied background in fitness, including endurance running, martial arts, and weight training.  “Work hard, play hard” is one of her favorite mottos and one she passes along to her clients.  We challenge ourselves to achieve our goals one step at a time, while still finding balance in life.  As a Type 1 Diabetic of 18 years, Alden fully understands what it’s like to face obstacles and work around them.  She loves watching her clients reach their true potential and break through barriers- both physical and mental. 


NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Functional Movement Specialist
Brittany is a NASM certified personal trainer with a focus in functional movements, strength and mobility and helping clients meet their weight loss goals. She is a mom of 2 and has firsthand knowledge about the struggles of weight loss and post-surgery recovery. She has a passion for fitness and has made it her purpose in life to help others find their strength. ​​


Client Testimonial- - Adam F.
"My trainer Brittany took some progress pics today, never in a million years thought it would be possible for me to look like this!"​​

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Competitive Bodybuilding Coach
Your Happiness is My Goal!  I understand that mental and physical change can be challenging and difficult at times from our work and daily family lifestyles.  In some cases, our weight is going up and down or just going up.  This roller coaster ride can be very hard to adapt so we must practice mind over matter.  My direction is to change your view on fitness and make it a general way of life again.  Making it your new lifestyle! 
I know if you just practice and "Follow the Program" your everyday activities moving forward will become daily practice.  Thus, your new lifestyle in health and fitness.