14125 Statesville Road  Huntersville, NC 
Text: 704-397-7582  Instagram: @Olympus365
Email: Olympus365@yahoo.com

Staffed Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
                  Saturdays 10am - 3pm​
Guests: Daily $10 (staffed hours), Weekly $30
​Members with KeyFob:24 Hour Access
Olympus Gym Huntersville NC

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24/7 Fitness Center
Olympus 365 FAQ's
What kind of gym is Olympus 365?
We are a gym for EVERYONE - from beginners to advanced, college students to competitors, olympic lifters and power lifters, bodybuilders and Cross
Fitters, we welcome everyone to a friendly, local neighborhood gym.  There is no smoothie bar, no tanning beds, no quiet spaces - just a good old-fashioned gym to workout with your friends.  Bring your water jugs, make some noise, and push yourself to the next level at the legendary Olympus 365!

Where exactly are you located?
We are located in Huntersville, NC near exit 23 off of I-77, go East on Gilead Rd, turn right on Statesville Rd South, and immediately turn right into the Hardee's and Wendys driveway.  Olympus 365 is located on the right, behind the Hardee's.  14125 Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078

What does 24/7 mean? 
Gym members can access Olympus 365 using a keyfob 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Guest Passes are available during staffed hours  Monday- Friday 10am- 7pm, and Saturdays 10am - 3pm. Guests must come to the gym during staffed hours, but can access the gym 24x7 with a weekly guest pass and keyfob. All Guests must purchase a Daily Guest Pass ($10) if not signing up for a membership, and must sign the liability waiver. 

What is the Setup Fee for?
New members are charged a one-time Setup Fee which covers the setup within the gym management software and issuing the key fob. 

What is this $25 club enhancement fee every 6 months?
Every six months, we ask our members to submit their ideas for new equipment and enhancements to the gym and all gym members have an opportunity to vote for the enhancements they want.  On January 5th and July 5th, all gym members are charged a $25 enhancement fee, and we use the funds to add the enhancements the members voted for.  Your Vote Matters!  This is Your Gym!

How much is a Guest Pass?
Daily Guest Passes are $10 - but you must come to the gym during normal staffed hours 10am-7pm Monday - Friday, or 10am-3pm on Saturdays so we can open the door.  When you arrive at the gym, please ring the doorbell on the right side of the front door.   All guests must sign a liability waiver provided at the front desk.  Please drop the $10 Guest Fee into the red dropbox attached to the front desk. Weekly guest passes are also available, and keyfobs can be issued to guests with a credit card on file.  KEFYFOBS MUST BE RETURNED to the red dropbox at the gym after the weekly guest pass expires.   A $15 keyfob replacement fee will be charged if the keyfob is not returned at the end of the guest pass period.

I'm a member, can I bring a Guest with me?  What about non-staffed hours? How do I pay for my Guest?
Yes with payment of guest pass fee, Members can bring guests with them after hours as long as the guest signs a liability waiver and pays the Daily Guest Fee of $10.  Please drop the signed and filled-out liability waiver and the $10 guest fee into the red dropbox by the front desk.  Members can charge the $10 guest fee to their account by dropping a guest pass form in the red dropbox (must have a valid credit card on file), or guests can also use the QR scan code to pay online.  Members that sneak in guests and don't pay the guest fee WILL BE CHARGED the guest pass fee and could be banned from the gym. Members are ultimately responsible for their guest's behavior and any damages to the gym or theft caused by their guest.  Members that open the door for a non-member will be responsible for that person as their guest and will be charged a guest fee.  Please DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR for anyone.

What are the gym rules?
Clean up - leave the gym cleaner than you found it.  Use the liquid chalk - if you must use powdered chalk, put it on your hands outside - it will ruin the HVAC if you use it inside the gym.  Put away weights and weight plates, hang up resistance bands, stand the rowers back up, put equipment back on the holders, and throw away your trash.  Wipe down equipment after you use it.  Absolutely no fighting, bullying, or intimidation and no chewing gum allowed.  Make sure guests pay the guest fee and sign the liability waiver.  Don't open the door for anyone.  Don't steal drinks.  External personal trainers may not train their clients in the gym.  Exercise at your own risk. The gym is not responsible for lost, abandoned, or stolen personal items. Everyone wants to enjoy the gym - don't make anyone uncomfortable, don't be a creep, and don't be a jerk. Respect the gym and Respect others at the gym.  Membership is a privilege, not a right - and you will be removed from the gym if you cause issues.

Can I freeze my account for a month?  I am going out of town for business, vacation, back to school, etc.  
Yes, we can freeze your payments for a month or more if you will be out of town, but you must notify us in writing with specific dates to start and stop the freeze, and of course you cannot use the gym during your freeze dates.  There is no fee to start a freeze, however the $25 club enhancement fee in January and July will still be charged even if the membership is frozen during that month.

How do I cancel my membership?
Members must provide a 30 day written notice for cancellations, which can be an email to olympus365@yahoo.com, a text message to 704-397-7582, or a note dropped in the red dropbox by the front desk, and you must return your keyfob (leave it in the red dropbox) at the end of the membershipThe 30 day cancellation notice means that if your next membership payment is due within the next 30 days, then that next payment will be your final payment.
For example, let's say you signed up for a membership on October 18th, and you normally pay on the 18th each month, and you provide a 30 day cancellation notice on February 1st:  you would have one final membership payment on February 18th, and you can continue to use the gym until March 17th.  You must return the keyfob at the end of your membership (place it in the red dropbox) - a $15 keyfob replacement fee will be charged if the keyfob is not returned.

What is the Refer-A-Friend program?
If you are a current member and you refer a friend to Olympus 365 that signs up as a new member, then BOTH of you get a free month!  The friend's free month will be the second month, and your next monthly payment will be zeroed out. You can refer as many friends as you want, and you will get a free month for each one - no limit!  Free month will be applied based on your current membership rate. 

How old do I have to be to join the gym?
You must be at least 17 years old to join the gym and work out independently.  Students less than 17 years old must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian, and the parent/guardian must also purchase a membership.  Parent signature will be required for the liability waiver if member or guest is under 17 years old.  Children under 15 years old are not permitted to enter the gym without approval from gym owner.

Do you offer child care?
No we do not offer child care.  Children under 15 years old are not permitted to enter the gym without approval from gym owner.

Do you have showers or locker rooms?
No, but we do have two large bathrooms for changing, a set of lockers for your stuff, and there is a hose outside for the sweaty and brave!

What do I do if I lose or break my keyfob?
Please contact us immediately to report a lost fob and then come by the front desk during normal staff hours to request a keyfob replacement.  A $15 keyfob replacement fee will be charged for all lost or broken keyfobs.

Do you offer Personal Training?
No, we are currently not offering personal training at this time.  External personal trainers are NOT permitted to train their clients at the gym.  Please contact the gym with any questions.

I left my personal item at the gym - phone, jacket, headphones, air pods, car keys, gym accessories, barbell...
If you accidentally left a personal item at the gym, you must immediately come to the gym to claim it.  The gym is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, and is not responsible for storing abandoned items.  Any personal items left at the gym are left at the owner's risk and the gym is not responsible for storage, tracking, or otherwise protecting personal items.  Although we have security cameras, any personal item left at the gym is 100% at risk by the owner, and the gym will not be responsible for these items.  Lost and Found items are donated every week or so.  Do not leave your jacket at the gym in February and expect to come pick it back up in June.​