The Vote - What Makes Olympus 365 a Legendary Gym 
What is this enhancement vote every 6 months?
Every six months, we ask our members to submit their ideas for new equipment and enhancements to the gym and all gym members have an opportunity to vote for the enhancements they want.  On January 5th and July 5th, all gym members are charged a $25 enhancement fee, and we use the funds to add the enhancements the members voted for.  Your Vote Matters!  This is Your Gym! 

Below are the Enhancements and Upgrades our members voted for in the past few enhancement votes:​  
       Booty Builder Hip Thruster Machine            ER Equipment Competition Combo Racks                      Deadlift Platform
       Rogue Monster Lite Power Rack                   Rogue Westside Bench with Thompson Fat Pad           Pendulum Squat
       Calibrated Kilo Plates                                     Hammer Strength Seated/Standing Deadlift Shrug        StepMills
       Pendulum Squat                                             Power Rack w/ Safety Straps                                            Standing Leg Curl
       Hammer Strength High Row                          Rogue Hyper Extension                                                     Max Advantage Grips
       Pit Shark Belt Squat Machine                        Hammer Strength Pullover                                                 

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